Underspawn - Those Days WIP

that weird reversed sound is nice. very meditative. i think the bass needs somthing, not sure what, just keep experimenting! overall good sounding track!
sounding good so far, layers work well in the intro, i think the shaker and that cruchy fx bit need to come down in the mix a bit
agree with oversight's comment - i'd call it a slurpy sound though ;)

Really nice though - that trombone riff was a pleasant surprise. I think the mixdown is superb, especially the drums.
Already left a comment on Soundcloud but thought I would here too.

Nice tune, very dark but sorta chilled to despite the nice, crunchy bass. Nice one, keep it up! :)
Lovin everything thats goin on in the intro, those keys sound outta key to me but somehow they work to make it sound darker if you know what I mean?

Ooh....just reached the jazzy sax riff.......lovin it, maybe a slight reverb on that sound to help it? Also, didnt get much bass this end (But its a wip so fair do)
Thanks for the comments guys. Reduced the volume on the crunchy fx and the shaker, also boosted the reverb on the sax. And yes, the bass is kinda weak in the 40-50 hz but its strong in the 25-30, maybe i should boost the more audible frequencies.
I'm liking this track, but bothered by the fact that something is waay out of tune. Fletch mentioned the keys, but I think it's the reversed pad that is causing it. It's out of tune and making the other melodic components sound way off once they come in.

I'm not sure if this is really a qualifiable test, but I held my guitar tuner up while playing the intro and it was clearly registering the notes but everything was almost a full 1/2 semitone off (sharp).

I bet if you fixed that issue, the track would go from good to amazing.
Hmm i should really look into this, looks like im unable to tell if something is off key just by ear. Thanks for the feedback, gotta find a way to solve this.
Yep, this is WELL off key....noticed that in a few seconds. It's that "piano" sample.....easy to sort though, I expect a repost in 20 mins!
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