Underspawn - Stop The Feelin WIP

Nice laidback vibes bro, but drop the vocals _ or pitch 'm a litlle bit. Doesn't really glue the tune. There are also some (not suiting) background noises in there, they don't float my boat.

Keep it up!
Cheers for the feedback guys, rly appreciated, but could u be more specific about the background noises, which ones sound out of place to u(tho i have a guess :D)?
Haha bro, I reckon everything is out of key, but you could just tell me it was jazz and that might fix it. Really tho, I think you did well to make everything that out of tune. If you get it all pitched right there might be a tune in it for ya
Ookay, this means its about time i stop ignoring music theory. Thanks for the feedback.
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