"Underground Weapon" Rave's save the future...

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    *Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*Red Alert*

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    All crew,
    Deep in the heart of the Washington, DC metro area an "Underground Weapon" has been developed and completed at the secret SRC-Pro laboratory. Said to be some sort of audio vaccination, it is rumored that extremely low frequencies and pounding rhythmic patterns are the special ingredients used in controlling this highly reactive weapon. Production & development of this new form of both offensive & defensive technology were designed and recorded by none other than Junglist League member & SRC-Pro agent Bobby Little aka AUDIOTROOPA. Early tests have shown great success with no sort of negative after effects. An informant has recently told us that local rave clubs were used as control subjects & that clubbers provided all the proof that was necessary to more forward with the project. So have no more fears... Our future will be saved!!!

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    For More info & MP3's

    Help save the world!!!!!!! This is only the begining...

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    alright just admit . .what f*ckin' crack are you on???