Radio Underground Soundz


Internet radio station and community.

What makes us different to other stations?

1. 100% FREE service for all users. We do NOT charge DJ's to do live sets.
2. In the new year we are adding a 'Producing Centre' for producers to add their tracks and
allow other users to review and rate their tracks (free of charge).
3. We do a lot of promotion for our DJ's sets and support them with as much backing as possible.
4. Live events will be taking place over the coming year at night clubs in 3 counties.
5. Chatrooms and forums (all free) to share tips with other DJ's.
6. Personalised DJ profile including SoundCloud and YouTube apps, booking details etc.
7. Digital Download Albums are coming into play in the new year and will be shared on
2 different websites recieving over 60,000 hits a month.

So if you are sick of not being recognised then join us today!!!

Specialising in: Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, Jungle, Hardcore, Electro House, Trance, Hardstyle.

USZ Team