Underground Soundz Radio - All about the DnB

Ez peepz

Just spreading the word about Underground Soundz Radio

Internet radio station been running about 3 years now! but relaunched just 2 months ago officially with an actual studio in Cheltenham. We are looking for DJ's to come to our studio and broadcast live with MC's, also looking for listeners ;) we also have a remote streaming option if you're too far away.

we're not an amateur station operating from a bedroom like a lot of these internet radio stations these days. we are fully licensed and pay our royalties.

we also run live nights in cheltenham every two weeks with a massive following and give dj's who commit to the station slots on these nights.... its the least we can do :)

if your in search of a dnb radio station with decent dj's and mc's visit http://www.undergroundsoundz.com

if your an aspiring dj/producer trying to get your name out there via an internet radio station with the possibility of dj'ing in a club contact djradna@undergroundsoundz.com