Underground Resistance & subs MIX


Oct 21, 2008
alpen west
ur the eye of the storm.

Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (Low And Sleazy Mix)
Happy Trax VI Together Trax Celebrate (Very Smooth Mix)
D-HA Lift Me Up
Mad Mike* Take Me Higher
Happy Trax VI Together Trax Celebrate (Endless Summer Mix)
Agent-X - Mission 1 Dig This
Underground Resistance - Living For The Night (Remixes)
D-HA Soul Kitchen
D-HA Sublime (Eddie's Minus 8 Mix)
Agent-X - Get Yourself Together
D-HA / Mad Mike* - Happy Trax Vol. II
Mad Mike* Soulnite
Agent-X - You Got To Show Me
Tomahawk (10) - Power Move EP Forever Free
Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes U
Agent-X - Mission 1 Sky's The Limit
Overmow - Overmow EP Peak Experience
Vision, The - Gyroscopic EP Perpetual Motion
Tomahawk (10) - Power Move
Underground Resistance - Sonic EP Elimination
Underground Resistance - Mutiny+9
Vision, The - Gyroscopic EP Can't Wait
Underground Resistance - Predator
X-101 - Mindpower
Underground Resistance - Fuel For The Fire
Tomahawk (10) - Give Me What I Want
Vision, The - Gyroscopic
Overmow - Melt City
Underground Resistance - Orbit
Vision, The - Crush, Kill, Destroy
Tomahawk (10) - Rave Africa (The Chant)
Underground Resistance - Riot
Vision, The - Panic
X-101 - The Final Hour
Underground Resistance - Eye Of The Storm
Måuriziö* - Ploy ur mix
Underground Resistance - Attend The Riot
X-101 - Whatever Happen To Peace
X-101 - Sonic Destroyer

124 minutes mp3



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Mar 4, 2002
This mix was extemely awesome. Really enjoyed this one last night with a bottle of Sharaz.

It had more of a deep house vibe then I expected. I'll keep this one on the iPod for a good number of months to come.
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