Drum & Bass Under the city - Control: Completly


dude this track is pretty sick. your intro is ok but seems to be lacking when you compare it to the rest of your track. it just seems a bit dry. I would add some reverb to your intro. around 0:41 you had cool atmospheric stuff, I would build up on that from the start of the track.

other than those small things good work so far.
oh yes your bass sounds pretty dirty!! nice work!

I agree with modz, build up more energy/excitement in the intro because the main part definitely deserves it.

One thing got on me a bit and thats the snare, now it may just be me, but when it is just the drums going, the snare is a bit too much, too snappy.. like I said, that could just be me and it might sound fine to other people, but I personally would lower it a bit for the solo drum bits, it sounds fine when everything is going because it gets drowned out naturally.

The only thing is the bass and sub bass, it looks like peaks so I would double check your meters and if needs be, put a limiter with a ceiling of 0.2 or so, I can hear it distort at the peak.

But all in all, this is a sick track, good work :)