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Adding news sets every day guys >>> www.soundcloud.com/uncledugs

Uncle Dugs #RCFF Tour mix
Uncle Dugs interviews Goldie
Uncle Dugs. Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter live from #RCFF meets Music Mondays part 1
Uncle Dugs interviews A Guy Called Gerald
Uncle Dugs with CKP, Mighty Moe & PSG - 100% UKG special
Uncle Dugs pirate radio 5 hour talk show with Geeneus, Eastman and others
Uncle Dugs with Fonti & Bushkin live from Rinse Xmas party at Fabric 2012
Uncle Dugs & IC3 from Jungle Book at Hidden
Uncle Dugs #RCFF 25 min classic Jungle mix
Uncle Dugs 91 Labrynth promo mix
Uncle Dugs 88-90 Labrynth promo mix

Uploading new sets every day...

Today im uploading the #RCFF Hyper D show and the very 1st #RCFF show with guest DJ Slipmatt..