Uncle Dugs - Roots of Jungle pre Rinse 20 Mix

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My recent Rinse 20 'story of Jungle mix' was my interpretation of the story of Jungle music from 1991 - 1997,, off the back of this I was asked to do a mix for a project which never happened so I have it here for you to listen to,, why waste it eh..??!!??

I called this my 'Roots Of Jungle mix' because it represents the path that Jungle took leading up to where Rinse 20 started so the last tune on here is We Are IE which was the first tune on the Rinse 20 mix,, clever stuff eh lol..

I was only allowed 30 odd mins for the mix so there is one or two tunes that didnt make it (Success 'N' effect - Roll It up etc) but i think i have caught most of the roots of Jungle..

I hope you all enjoy...


1. The House Crew – All we Wanna Do Is Dance (Accapella) – Production House
2. Satin Storm – Satin Storm – White
3. Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (It’s In There) – Mute
4. G Double E – Fire When Ready – Jumpin & Pumpin
5. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon – Play It Again Sam
6. Ragga Twins – SpliffHead – SUAD
7. Rebel MC feat Barrington Levy & Tenor Fly – Tribal Base – Desire
8. Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly – The Wickedest Sound - Desire
9. Bugg Kann & The Plastic Jam – Beware Of The Bassline - White
10. SL2 – Way In My Brain – XL
11. Lennie De Ice – We Are IE - IE