Uncle Dugs Official Ram Recs History Mix

Uncle Dugs

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This Monday at 9pm on Mistajam's 1xtra show you can catch a 1hour mix highlighting my 25 favourite Ram Records tunes of the 90's...

From Ramm 001 'Sour Mash EP' right through the 90's catalogue up to Turbulence and Sound In Motion this mix highlights all the different sounds the label had though it's formative years...

Tracks from Andy C, Shimon, Origin Unknown, Flatliner and more are all included in the mix..

It's an absolute honour to have been asked by Andy and the guys at Ram to do this official mix for them as you can imagine.. Ram is a label I have followed from day one (especially as I come from the same manor)

I wanted to get as many tracks in the mix as possible so you could hear the twists and turns the label took as it weaved through the 90's on its way to becoming the super label it is today..

I'll get a tracklist up for you all when it's played so you can see what tune is what..

Massive love to everyone at Ram for giving me the opportunity to do this mix for them.. Salute

Tell a friend to tell a friend guys,, this Monday 9pm-10pm on Radio 1Xtra..

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Not a fan of Mistajam, but I'll be listening to this!

Hopefully there'll be more things like this happening in the future...