Uncle Dugs - Official History of Rebel MC/Congo Natty Mix

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    A while back I was asked to mix an OFFICIAL history of Rebel MC / X Project / Congo Natty by Rebel himself..

    I'm honoured & pleased to tell you all that from today that mix is available for all you guys to get your lugholes around...!!

    From 'coming on strong' way back in 1990 I mixed through the years till we landed 26 tracks later at 'police in helicopter'

    Serious, Rebel and the Congo Natty gang are musical heroes to me so this was a massive deal and I really do hope I did them justice with the mix I put together.. Rebel loved it and I hope you all will to..

    Massive shout to Rebel & the Congo Natty family as well as everyone over at Big Dada records..

    Enjoy the mix guys >>>>

    1. rebel mc feat tenor fly - comin on strong
    2. rebel mc feat tenor fly / the wickedest sound (don gorgon mix)
    3. rebel mc feat little t - rich ah getting richer (b-line ruffneck mix)
    4. rebel mc feat tenor fly & barrington levy - tribal base (foundation mix)
    5. rebel mc + prince lincoln thompson - humanity (bass till your head buss mix)
    6. rebel mc + prince lincoln thompson - I can't get no sleep (jungle fever mix)
    7. x project - walking in the air (mix a1)
    8. x project - inah sound
    9. conquering lion - phenomenon 1 (catch the fever mix)
    10. x project - dub plate special (ruff cut)
    11. conquering lion - code red (wild apache mix)
    12. blackstar - kunte kinte
    13. blackstar feat top cat - champion dj (blueprint mix)
    14. conquering lion - stamina
    15. rebel mc feat junior reid - banana boat man (original mix)
    16. x project - Jah sunshine
    17. barrington levy & beenie man - under me sensi (jungle spliff) (x project remix)
    18. conquering lion feat beenie man - rastaman (original dubplate version)
    19. blackstar feat sweetie irie - get wild (knowledge & wisdom mix)
    20. tribe of issachar feat peter bouncer - junglist pt2
    21. conquering lion feat beenie man - code black (remix)
    22. tribe of issachar feat peter bouncer - fever (the revolution has now begun)
    23. lion of judah feat bounty hunter - emporer selassie i (king of kings)
    24. tribe of issachar - wardance millennium (original dubplate)
    25. tribe of issachar feat top cat - his imperial majesty (original dubplate)
    26. congo natty feat top cat - original sess (police in helicopter)

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    thats awesome - always loved his tunes.