Uncle 22 - 6 milliion ways to die.


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Mar 30, 2006
Had a very heated debate about this tune with some cock who thought that dj hype made this tune. So when i showed him a youtube clip of it he was gobsmacked. Always thought hype had made it. LMAO

Anyway, theres loads of remixes of this tune, whats your fav.

Mines this.
i can understand the confusion tbh, Hype remixed and it came out on Ram

Zinc titled another tune 6 Million Ways which came out on Frontline under Dope Skillz

not sure which mix i like the best tbh
It could be hard to track down but the original is

Uncle 22 - Choose One (Pure NRG)

Miles better than the one on Ram IMO
The main confusion is because there was a track by DJ Zinc (as Dopeskillz) on frontline called Six Million Ways but this was the one with the method man & redman sample and not the one with the cutty ranks one.
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