Ultraviolet- Watching You (Alpha Omega remixes) [Noir]

UV - Watching You (Alpha Omega subverted remix)

Darkly ambient beginnings set the scene creeping in through some architecturally sound beat work and laying down a visceral vocal and maintaining some serious bounce. All drums within cut the stepping path into new forms, dicing the groove. The bass starts off subtle before letting rip analogue boings 97 style and shifting the key up a notch. This is one clever tune allowing the ravers to throw some cool shapes to it in the process. Artstep bizniz.

UV- Watching You (Alpha Omega converted remix)

This one holds its own in the mix beautifully and builds nearly all the way through which is rare these dayys and a welcome relief from traditional junglistic arrangements. From stepping drums and chattering hi hats come ping pong sounds and bongos whilst the vocal is the focal point. As the bass moves up from sub levels winding its LFO's skyward for a slow bend for maximum booty shaking action. Another element not often found in tunes these days is the glorious melodic breakdown. This tunefulness continues to the end rounding off a classy piece of work.

Out monday 26/7. :monkey: