Ultraviolet - The Belonging / Razorblade - One Minute At A Time

Ultraviolet bringing a rather metallic set of breaks to the table this time as the beats thunder out of a dark noise backdrop. Plenty of nice beat progression torwards the drop and a subtle vocal refrain sets the scene for a rather Bristolian fluttering bassline to enter the fray at the breakdown. Not even resorting to a cheesey kick roll the beats filter their way back in and the track kicks off properly with good interplay between the sub and higher pitched bass sounds. I'd really love to know what the vocalist is singing as it sounds like some kind of railing against conformity if my interpretation is correct. A quality rolling tune.


One the flip Razorblade also use a rolling bassline interspersed with the occasional break for stabs every 64 bars or so and the track keeps rolling. This is a good set building track as it has plenty of tension in the mix and the production from Blue and J Razor is suitably crisp and the whole thing is difficult not to nod your head to.