Ultratronic, New Monster DNB track by Tarek-FM


Nov 22, 2010
Long time no see guys!!

We have all been distracted by life I am sure. Anyways, I am back with a vengeance...those who have heard my tracks before know I don't disappoint.

I usually do neurofunk but this is not quite neurofunk so dunno what to call it but cutting edge dnb.

Comment on the forum and/or my waveform if you dig, track is in my signature, thanks!

like rockwell meets billain or the like, nice work man, heavy track, in my opinion try to leave a tad more space in it for a few seconds thought here and there. sounds heavy though man
hitting hard, mixdown sounds good

love the drum fill into the drop and the bass after the drop is lush, sounds like a well crafted piece mate very nice indeed

really feeling all the little edits
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