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    We here at Silk hope everyone has had a very fun and happy NYE.
    Now that we are into a new year, things are not slowing down release wise for us.
    The next release on Silk incorporates some of the newest up and coming talent within the drum & bass scene.
    First up we have:

    Ultracode & Stereotype
    The Mosaic E.P


    The name of this e.p sums it all up really. A colourful array of futuristic twisted beats cold atmospherics and killer bass combos, these four tracks will be sure to please the crowd on the dancefloor at any time during the morning or night.
    There's something about the production in these tunes that just gives you a chill down your spine. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of drum n bass, they are keeping the programming and arrangements of these tracks very unique and complex. Giving the listener something to think about is an essential quality in the drum n bass game, these producers are doing more than just that, they are forever evolving and expanding their sound to keep that vital vibe alive.
    Having had previous releases on Silk and various other labels, these two gents from Ukraine are really going to be making head-waves in the scene with more releases lined up and a vision for future beats, it doesn't look like these two producers are going to give up that easily.

    And to celebrate their new e.p, we at Silk have put together a special interview with these two talented producers from Ukraine. The interview will accompany their new e.p and give you more of an insight into how these guys work their magic.
    On top of that Ultracode & Stereotype have been kind enough to have prepared an all exclusive mix for your listening pleasure, so please download and enjoy.


    How did you guys first meet up?

    We have know each other for many years and we both can’t remember exactly how we first met, or even when it was. Currently we live on the same street and a few months ago we decided to try and make some tunes together and we liked the way it has worked out so far.

    You both live in the Ukraine, how did you first discover electronic music and drum n bass in general?

    StereotypeFirst I heard dnb from my friend and he showed me some tunes by Noisia, Pendulum, Teebee and others. That was in 2005. After that i was influenced by dnb all the time and i started to produce my own tunes. Learning some programs I experimented with different sub genres of dnb, and then I finally found my own individual style!

    Ultracode - My first experience of dnb came about at that moment when I got hold of the album by Aphrodite – Kings Of The Beats in 1999 together with a Panasonic CD player given to me for my birthday by my sister.
    For along time that was the only disc that I had, and I listened to it until I virtually destroyed it. Kings Of The Beats had an everlasting impression on me. I loved striding along the street with my CD player under the beat of Aphrodite! Now, when remembering that time, I am beginning to acknowledge that this was the time when I fell in love with DnB. I also remember how in primary school, walking to class in the morning, I used to tune my radio to a pirate radio station that played Breakbeat – those were some of the best moments of my childhood.??I’ve been seriously making music since 2007. I had tried doing something earlier on but this was playing around rather than anything worthwhile. In essence it meant that I would mix tracks and samples for the breakdancing shows. This was the way that I got my first experience. Finally, it was a very straight forward route to becoming a DnB producer. There wasn’t even a question of choosing it from a number of careers – it was simply a call of my heart and soul.

    What are your top 3 favorite tunes each, of all time?

    Peter Nalitch - Chaiki
    Apparat & Raz Ohara - Holdon (Raz Ohara's A Minor Version)
    A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God

    Its realy hard for me to chose only 3 tunes, but at the moment my top 3 are:
    Noisia and Phace – Floating Zero
    Sunchase – Varka
    Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad

    Now i know both of you don't mix much but what did you make this mix on and do you guys play any nights or parties in Ukraine?

    We did this mix with software. First of all we are producers! And producing comes in first place for us! But we do play out sometimes.

    Also you have both a really unique sound within the drum n bass spectrum, what setups do you use to write you music on?

    We are using our heads, ears, hands and also our soul. Our setups also include FL Studio, midi CME UF60, Terratek’s soundcard and studio speakers – Samson Resolv A6, headphones - Ultrasone Pro 750, and many vst plugins.

    You're both really focused on atmospherics layered with amazing drum programming and really out there sounds. What inspires you to produce music the way you do and how long have you both been writing music for?

    Nature, weather, films, even good music and our surrounding inspires us.
    Stereotype has been producing since 2006, and Ultracode since 2004.

    Who are your favorite producers at the moment in any genre and why do the inspire you so much?

    Stereotype :
    Masheen – he always surprises me with his stuff.
    Sunchase – he has really unique sound.

    Getz and Nuage
    - Because all these producers are close to my mind.

    What do you both like to do in your spare time when your not in the studio writing beats?

    Listening to music, watching films, surfing the internet, drinking beer, meeting with friends, walking, studying, eating, and looking for inspiration.

    How do you see drum n bass in the future?
    Especially now that it is closely related with other forms of electronic music and where do you see yourselves fitting into that?

    We consider that dnb will open new horizons, and we will be shown an absolutely new sound - from which will be born new genres. Dnb was, is, and will always be music without borders!

    What does 2010 hold for you guys?

    We don’t know what we hold for ourselves even in the next second! But we are planning to do more tunes and make more releases. And we hope that all will be OK, plus we will also learn English better ;D

    Last quick questions:

    1.Fav Food? – PIZZA, both of us.

    2.Fav Movie?

    Stereotype“The day after tomorrow”

    Ultracode“A Beautiful Mind”

    Bigups to the guys for taking the time to do this interivew for us, we hope you enjoyed it.
    The E.P is avaliable for download on Drum & Bass Arena as an exclusive starting from 01/02/10, after that it will be avaliable in all good download stores via the world wide web!




    Duration: 42:20 - 320 KBPS - (88.2 MB)

    1.Ultracode & Stereotype - Gagarin
    2.Ultracode - Fobia
    3.Ultracode & Stereotype - The Viscous
    4.Ultracode & Stereotype - The Fallen Aster
    5.Ultracode & Stereotype - Naked Animals
    6.Ultracode - Monolog
    7.Ultracode - Radio
    8.Stereotype - Arbiter
    9.Ultracode & Stereotype - More - More
    10.Stereotype - Sun Ra
    11.Science Fiction - Bystander Effect
    12.Paperclip and Faib - Tiamat
    13.Ultracode - Tesla
    14.Ultracode & Stereotype - Midgard
    15.Ultracode - Manoo