Ultracode & Stereotype + Forge & Hyperion Vision - [SILKD006] + [SILKD007] OUT NOW!

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    Hello People,

    We are proud to announce that the next 2 releases are avaliable for purchase from all good download stores as of today!
    There is a lot brewing at Silk, we have a full release schedule and a website launch by the end of April. On top of that we have our first vinyl release which is due to be out mid year. Our merchandise line will be avaliable to purchase very soon and our very first artist CD is also in the works.
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    Forge & Hyperion Vision
    Northern Lights/Keepers


    For the 7th release on Silk, Forge (label owner) teams up with a new and upcoming producer from the motherland - Russia.
    This collaboration takes the label back to the influential liquid funk sound that took hold of the scene in the early part of the decade.

    Northern Lights:

    This track takes us on a journey through lush piano chords tight breaks and a very upright and bouncy sub bass line. This tracks amazing sound will keep you moving with loads of energy and carefully placed edits to keep the listener wanting more. Complimented with this tracks superb arrangement and natural character it's sure to make those ears rattle day or night.


    Comes to us as a more melodic piece, with uplifting melodies and sweeping pads throught the intro, they soon make way for the heavy and warm subsonic bass that cuts straight into the track. With a switch up that keeps the groove alive and an epic array of hand crafted percussion and beats, this cut can be played on your ipod walking to work, or at 2:00AM in the club and still get the job done.

    Ultracode & Stereotype
    Present The Mosaic E.P


    The name of the e.p sums it all up really. A colourful array of futuristic twisted beats cold atmospherics and killer bass combos, these four tracks will be sure to please the crowd on the dancefloor at any time during the morning or night. There is something about the production in these tunes that just gives you a chill down your spine. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of drum n bass, they are keeping the programming and arrangements of these tracks very unique and complex. Giving the listener something to think about is an essential quality in the drum & bass game, these producers are doing more than just that, they are forever evolving and expanding their sound to keep that vital vibe alive. Having had previous releases on Silk and various other labels, these two gents from Ukraine are really going to be making head-waves in the scene with more releases lined up and a vision for future beats, it doesn't look like these two producers are going to give up that easily.

    Up next we have:

    Dominic Ridgway - Days Away/Beatuy Falls
    [SILKD008] - Feb 15th

    Blue Motion - Distant Sounds E.P
    [SILKD009] - Feb 15th


    Cheers & Enjoy!