Ultra Funk DnB Mixes

Greetings people. Thought i'd share some mixes i have up on my Soundcloud page. All available to listen and download.


Mix 1
1-Janet Rushmore-Joy
2-Daniel j Lewis-Spend the night
3-Jon Cutler ft E-man-It's yours
4-White label
5-Soul 2 soul-Pleasure dome(Dreem Team mix)
6-White label
7-Maters at work-To be in love(extended mix)
8-B15 project & Crissy D-Girls like us
9-Tina Moore-Never gonna let you go
10-Roy Davis jnr-Gabrielle

Mix 2
1-Redeyes-One night affair
2-Redeyes-Urban theme
3-Redeyes-Double funk
4-Mutt-The motions
5-Mutt-Draw on me
6-Mutt-Kush talk
7-Mutt vs Bilal-Soulsista
8-Atlantic connection-Hanging on
9-Redeyes-The walk
10-Dj Die & Ben Westbeech-Reason why
11-Jazz Thieves-Good inside
12-Redeyes & Mutt-Sugar

Mix 3
1-Madmen & Poets-Blue velvet
2-Madmen & Poets-Arcane road pre
3-Paul SG-Organic mode
4-Madmen & Poets-Change
5-Madmen & Poets-Scandinavian sunday
6-Paul SG feat Pouyah
7-Madmen & Poets-Hide you tears
8-Madmen & Poets-Save me
9-Madmen & Poets-Affraid of jazz
10-Madmen & Poets-Rainy day
11-Furney-Drift on me
12-Makoto-And i love her
13-Makoto-Sentimental moods