Ultra Clean Drums, percussion instruments ??


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How do you make drums sound so clean?

I beleivethe key to clean drums are 1. the sample and 2. eq

1. sample

samples of any type of drum should be of good wav. quality

2. eq

beat samples should be cut and boosted through a spectrum anylyzer kick cut at 60 hz and boosted were needed and snare cut at 200 hz and also boosted and layered if need be..

Is there any other tips of tricks to get it sounding punchier, I know that overdrive is really a must in my case but be carefull as too much can be harsh and unpleasant sounding.

Hope this helped somebody..

I was also wondering about percussion I know your meant to buy instruments and record through a microphone but I havnt the money any one know of the names of the instruments or good websites for free sample hosting.. I have only so far found woodblock which sounds pretty kl with some processing..