Ulterior Motive - It's On (ft. Code Breaker) - Subtitles

subtitles (y)

that bass sounds like a shaved robot bear throwing up a black rainbow (somehow)
All about the flip:

Gotta respect the fellas for pressing bangers on both sides of their releases. A lot of other artists / labels usually give you a big tune on one side and a filler on the other. Every one of UM's commitments to wax is solid!
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ulterior motive have such a distinctive sound

love the way they keep on adding new elements into a track, take seven segments for example and just listen how it progresses

if you catch my drift :D
been loving up this tune.. codebreaker suits.

really owning the tech sound these guys.

like neurofunk has had a face lift
Been wanting its on for ages! Huge huge tune! And this is my first time hearing point of difference, also a big tune but I prefer its on... deffo going straight in the bag
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