Ulterior Motive - Fourth Wall LP - Metalheadz (october 14)


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Ulterior Motive will release The Fourth Wall on October 6th.

Bournemouth drum & bass producers James Davidson and Greg Hepworth have been working together under the Ulterior Motive banner since 2009, racking up a number of releases on Subtitles before moving onto Metalheadz last year. The Fourth Wall was produced under the guidance of genre innovator and label boss Goldie. The press release promises that "the overall aesthetic of the album is funk... the marriage of organic groove and electronic power," with an emphasis on narrative and emotion over typical drum & bass club trappings. The LP features collaborations with James Sunderland, Meyhem Lauren and Brotherman.

"We made a conscious effort to seek out new, unused vocalists for the album project," say the duo in the press materials. "We really wanted to use and work with people who hadn't worked within the drum & bass format before. It’s outside perspectives like that that bring a new twist to things... Aside from vocal features we wanted to keep the album 100% our productions, we’ve done our fair share of collaborations in the past and this was about demonstrating what we are about as Ulterior Motive. We felt the only way to do that is take full control of the creative process."

The Fourth Wall's first single, featuring "Tape Pack" and "Muted," will land on September 15th.

01. Stay feat. James Sunderland
02. Sideways
03. Open Up
04. Keep It Moving
05. Searchers
06. Short Circuit
07. Tape Back
08. INTA-National
09. Muted feat. James Sunderland
10. Edges
11. The Rattler
12. Longshot
13. You Must See
14. Chapters feat. Meyhem Lauren & Brotherman

Metalheadz will release The Fourth Wall on October 6th, 2014.