UK Review - Jehst 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family'

For those that don’t know, Jehst is arguably one of the best MCs to come out of the U.K to date. He is regarded as a deep and thoughtful lyricist by his peers, credited with helping the ever growing UK hip hop scene develop its own voice during the early 2000s.

To date the Kent born rapper has dropped three albums with his latest, The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family (released in June 2011) being his fourth. All of Jehst‘s albums have been released on UK based record label YNR Productions, which he co founded with fellow UK Hip Hop artist, Tommy Evens. Jehst’s The Dragon Of an Ordinary Family comes after over four years of waiting for all of his fans, and comprises sixteen completely original tracks with absolutely no featured performers, giving the listener fifty six minutes of nothing but Jehst.

From start to finish Jehst uses a wide array of gripping and unique beats that, admittedly, may not be to the taste of fans less acquainted with the vintage UK hip hop sound. With that said, any fan of hip hop can’t help but appreciate the well thought and pretty much immaculate lyricism delivered with precise timing on every track. I mentioned earlier that it has been over four years since Jehst last blessed the game with an album, and to be honest it has definitely been worth the wait.

Tracks like ‘Sounds Like Money’, ‘Camberwell Carrots’, ‘England’, ‘Poison’ and ‘Tears In Rain‘ make it clear why Jehst is so highly regarded as a lyricist in the UK hip hop scene, emphasizing his ability to write meaningful bars and deliver them with his own style.

To conclude I would say that Jehst’s The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family is the album that fans of old school hip hop have been yearning for. It is one of the few albums released in recent years with a true 90s hip hop feel that incorporates completely original production and flawless vocals.