(UK) Rapper Yosh's Show Cancelled By Police

First it was UK rapper Giggs, then it was K Koke now its Yosh!

Im sure you all remember the day that UK rap artist Giggs had one of his shows closed off by the Trident police force and likewise with K Koke when he was due to open a concert for US rap mc Rick Ross.

Well if you don’t it did happen and now it has happen to up and coming UK hip hop mc Yosh. Hailing from Greater Manchester, Yosh, 26 has been making a name for himself in the UK hip hop scene dropping a few mixtapes (The Poisoning his most recent) and even performing on the same stage as UK legend Lowkey.

Yesterday afternoon (3/7/2011) the up and coming UK hip hop mc Yosh was pulled off stage by the Manchester Police Force during a well received performance for pretty much no reason.

Yosh, 26, was scheduled to perform at the Broadfield Park in Rochdale, Manchester for a ‘community event’ called ‘Meet The Neighbours’. Upon arrival the organisers of the community event were quick to jump onto Yosh asking him to introduce the acts as ‘nobody else was available to do so’.

The Greater Manchester mc saw no problem in taking control of the night and used the opportunity to jump onto the set of a fellow UK rap mc that he already knew which was, in Yosh’s words “nothing deep just some on the level sh*t”

Shortly after performing with fellow UK rap mc ‘2Tone’ it was time for Yosh to perform his own set and he decided to try and get the crowd in the mood for some deeper thinking hip hop asking them “who wants to hear some political hip hop?!”, to which they responded well.

The up and coming UK hip hop artist then proceed to ask the crowd “who wants to hear how the police statistically stop more ethnic minorities than white people” which made the crowd become a bit hyped.

He then started to perform the first track from his planned set “the message” which caused the event organizers cut off his music. Yosh decided to carry on with his performance without the aid of the music behind him until the event organizers opted to try and “wrestle the mic” from his grip.

As you would expect Yosh tried to plead his right to perform and exercise freedom of speech but that just lead to him being dragged by the Police to a pod where the could give the UK rap artist a verbal caution and escort him off the premises which turned Yosh’s set into somewhat a protest.

Yosh hasn’t heard anything from the event organiser’s since the ordeal but has been banned from his local gym as a result and like us, has been left wandering what happened to freedom of speech? In a country with super injunctions being handed out to pretty much anyone who can afford them and now, UK hip hop mc’s being prevented from performing because of lyrical content it would seem that what we can or can’t say is being limited more and more.