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    Our fourth seminar in this series is now available for bookings ....

    Presenting a music production seminar with DJ Fracture + Special guests

    Genres & Topics : Drum & Bass production / House production / Electro / Mixdown Science / Creativity

    Fracture has a prolific release history across many big labels, we are delighted to have in to give a demo at the seminar. Fracture recently completed an amazing sample pack for LoopMasters called Cosmic Drum & Bass, this has been going down a storm and for part of his talk he will be going into detail about how he made the original sounds, and how you can go and do the same at home. Not only is Fracture a top quality producer and DJ, with so much experience, but he is a fantastic tutor with a clear and thoughtful delivery, this talk will be sequenced, expanded and maximised with information that will bring your music to the next level.

    To find out more about the other fantastic talks being given on the day head to:

    At previous events we have had people attend from all around the country and even abroad, this has been a great acheivement for us and we welcome the same for this event. If you would like to attend and need help with travel / flights please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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    when are you going to put up the octane dlr lecture? really looking forward to it.
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    same, got a date? also keen on the fracture one