(UK Hip Hop) Review of Baron Samedi 'Wanderland'



Track 01 - Prelude

This introduction is something that works quite well, giving the listener a sample of the kind of production they are in for. The beat has a feeling of progression and it does grip the listener, making them want to hear the rest of the CD.

Rating: 8/10
Track 02 - Wanderland

The beat gets off to an up beat start and Baron brings an extremely experimental flow. His style does match the beat and is 100% original but I think that the stuttering flow may deter the less open minded fans of hip hop music. The hook on this track is catchy and breaks the track down like a crusher to bud. In conclusion I would say that Baron did ride the beat well and his delivery was immaculate but the beat was screaming for a faster flow.

Rating: 6/10
Track 03 - Better Days

From the first drop the beat has a real 'street anthem' feeling to it and Barons flow fits it like a tailored suit. The track has a good concept and Baron drops some heavy lines like a coke fiend. Overall I think that this track works well but improvements could of been made to the hook as it sounds a tiny bit out of place, maybe its a bit loud?

Rating: 7/10
Track 04 - Off With Their Heads

The beat to this track is the first thing that stands out, it has a spooky futuristic vibe going on and Baron decides to go with the feel of the beat, delivering an aggressive verse with a flow to match. The break down after the hook really lets the track down as it takes away from the overall feeling and quality of this track.

Rating: 7/10
Track 05 - Child At Heart (ft Grit Grammar)

From start to finish this track is flawless like a diamond. Both Grit Grammar and Baron Samedi destroy this masterfully created banger of a beat.The two M.C's both ride the beat like a bicycle complimenting each others style and effortlessly going back to back creating nothing less than pure fire!

Rating: 9/10
Track 06 - Crooked House

As a track there is nothing majorly wrong with this, it has a good concept, beat, flow and lyrics. Baron has produced a twisted, eery beat and has decided to follow this as the theme of the track. Barons verses are well structured and executed as is the hook, apart from the break down, which, again sounds out of place and reminds of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' for some reason.

Rating: 7/10
Track 07 - Were All Mad Here

Again Baron has made a beat that instantly makes you nod your head like the Churchill dog. As usual, Baron flows well and sticks to his topic for the track. Overall there is nothing wrong with this track, everything is as it should be and there isn't a random break down after the hook.

Rating: 8/10
Track 08 - Rain

I really like this track and it disappoints me that the hook seems to have been left right until the last minute and then rushed. Both of Barons verse's are perfect, they match the beats dirty feel and rhythm while accommodating all the drops.

Rating: 8/10
Track 09 - Airport Lounges

This track has a calm chilled out feel to it and from start to finish baron kills the beat like Jack The Ripper. Baron has opted for a softer topic on this track which demonstrates his diversity and the only minor issue is the outro to the track, which, sounds a bit like a parody added to the end.

Rating: 7/10
Track 10 - Castle In The Sky

The beat to this track is the first thing that catches your attention and its Barons vocal skills that keep it. The track is by far one of the best off the CD as everything sounds as if it was made to go together. Again, this is a track that demonstrates the diversity of Baron as an M.C, proving he has a lot of topic matter. Overall I have nothing bad to say about this track!

Rating: 9/10
Track 11 - So Sick

This track really disappointed me in the sense that it was perfect and I mean perfect, right up until the introduction of the outro. Other than the mentioned problem everything on this track is bang on point like digital scales and it is definitely one of my favourite.

Rating: 7/10
Track 12 - Hip Hop

This track is like Ronsil 'Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin'. O.K it doesn't come in a tin and technically it doesn't do anything but you get the drift, this is Hip hop! There are no complaints in reference to this track, Baron sticks to his topic and pulls it off like a plaster. The one question this makes you ask is 'why is it not on radio?'.

Rating: 9/10
Track 13 - Pigeon

The sample at the beginning made me laugh I wont lie. When the beat drops the atmosphere changes drastically to dark, gritty and haunting. Baron flows to accommodate the feel of the beat and he thinks up a concept to match the feel of the track. The only issue with this track is that it isn't longer! I would of really liked to hear a second verse after that hook.

Rating: 9/10
Track 14 - The Night Mail (ft Lixx)

Baron destroys the beat like a bulldozer, he flows over the beat perfectly yet again, while sticking to a concept instead of just opting for one or the other. Lixx is decent but I don't think that he holds it up with Baron in terms of delivery, he just doesn't have the energy and passion you can hear in Barons voice. I like the sample in the hook as it is very unique and it ties in with the theme of the track.

Rating: 8/10
Track 15 - A History Of Violence

This another track that will have you nodding your head until your neck breaks! Everything about it simply makes sense. The beat, the lyrics, the topic of the track and Barons flow all go together like salt and pepper. This is by far one of my favourite tracks off the CD and I have nothing bad to say about it.

Rating: 9/10
Track 16 - The Valley

Baron has opted to leave the CD on a serious and deep note which makes for a brilliant outro. This track gives the listener a feel of Barons personality and what has gone through his head while making the CD. Its as if all his thoughts and doubts are put into lyrics for this track. The sample for the hook cuts in a bit loud in my opinion but its minor to be honest, great track.

Rating: 8/10

Baron Samedi's 'Wanderland' is a must have album for any fan of underground UK Hip Hop. The whole album will have you astonished at the fact that one man has; produced, written, recorded and mixed such a high quality release without any major promotion or publicity.

From start to finish the carefully selected pool of beats will have you moving your body like your having a seizure and the vocal talent displayed throughout the album will have you reciting rhymes as if you was in nursery again.

Baron can give himself a pat on the back and class this release a job well done as there are a few minor issues on some of the hooks and funky break downs but they are heavily overshadowed by the quality of Barons vocal delivery and production. The stand out tracks of the CD are; Pigeon, Hip Hop, Castle In The Sky and History Of Violence.




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