Your problem here is that writing a blog about Jumpup is a bit of a self defeating purpose. None of the people who are into jumpup are interested in reading about it, and if they were there is nothing particularly interesting to write about; how do you write about new trends and ideas in a scene that hasnt had any in fifteen years? Where 99% of the names hammering it out are pretty much the same handful of people who have been hammering it out for the last ten years? What is the point of reviewing another record that sounds identical to the last apart from which order the five random screechy noises go in? What is the point of writing about a scene that literally releases diss tracks about people who try and write about it and discuss it at the level of an adult?

Never have truer words been spoken
Really digging the Ransom Notes "Gone To A Rave" series of interviews. If you are going to do a blog about Drum and Bass music this is how you should do it. So many interviews in this scene are literally just three utterly gormless questions, a few monosyllabic answers, a jpeg of the artist leaning against a paint splattered wall and a link to a forthcoming release, or if you are very lucky a mix, on soundcloud.

If you want to "bring back blogs" the first thing you should be thinking about it is how to make them interesting.
The Ransom Note is a great blog

just a couple off the top of my head: formerly (last post was this year but has been dormant for a while now)

Though perhaps all of these are more dedicated towards the history of dnb and (in some cases) UK dance music rather than contemporary dnb, it's good stuff

I'll take the compliment :)

And anyway, it wasn't a review as such, I was just putting my thoughts down.

Missed this first time around, touché :2thumbs:
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