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Jan 16, 2008
From BBC News...

Rapper Rhymes detained at airport

Rhymes is known for hits including Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
Rapper Busta Rhymes has been detained at London's City Airport after being refused entry to the UK because of "unresolved convictions" in the US.
The star arrived on Thursday morning to perform at a charity gig on Friday.
Immigration officials tried to put him on an immediate flight out of the country to Amsterdam but Rhymes' lawyer secured an injunction preventing this.
The 36-year-old is now being held while officials debate whether to let him enter the UK, the gig's organiser said.
Rhymes is due to play at RockCorp, a concert to be attended by a full house of 5,000 music fans at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
Each fan has obtained their ticket by spending four hours volunteering in community projects.
US soul star John Legend is also due to appear, as are rock bands Feeder, The Automatic and Guillemots.
Rhymes was allowed into the UK to launch the event on 17 August, which saw him helping to pick up litter in London.

Rapper Ludacris is flying in at the last minute to perform at the gig
He also performed at the Midnight Madness basketball event in the city.
Stephen Greene, the co-founder of RockCorps, said he was "shocked at this sequence of events and this treatment of Busta".#
"He has the necessary work-permit and has been in the country twice already this year, so we're a little puzzled that a question mark is now being placed over his ability to enter the country to perform to volunteers."
Rapper Ludacris was flying in from the US "at the eleventh hour" and would replace Rhymes on the bill if necessary, Mr Greene added.
The star arrived at the airport at 0726 BST, RockCorps said in a statement.
"His lawyer, Philip Trott, intervened and presented papers in support of Busta's case for entry.
"The immigration authorities repeated he was to be denied entry and made arrangements to fly him back to Amsterdam on a flight at 0930.
"Contact was made with the duty High Court judge, Mr Justice Flaux, who granted an injunction at 0858 to prevent Busta being returned to Amsterdam."
The statement continued: "He is currently detained pending a decision on temporary admission by the immigration officer.
"Documents are being prepared to apply for judicial review as early as possible today."

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Jul 21, 2005


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Jan 7, 2007
he was meant to be playing in kingston oceana, wasnt even gonna go near it considering danny byrd was down another club! :rave:


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Jan 7, 2007
is danny byrd playing in kingston?

yep, last night...

total science & dan marshall in a fortnight then utah jazz 2 weeks after that

got another big name lined up for the fortnight after, 90% certain he's coming but it's really not my place to say anything...
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