UK Bass playlist (listen to big tunes & help win money for charity)


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I help run the electronic music society at my uni, and right now there's this competition on Spotify where Uni Societies can make playlists and whoevers has the most followers by 1st may wins £5,000 for their society and £5,000 for a huge party.

Ours is a mixture of all sorts of UK bass music (house,techno,dubstep,dnb), so if you're interested in listening there's a link below.

NOW, what would be really fucking great is if you signed in with facebook and "followed" the playlist. Here's some reasons why you should do that:

a) If we win we'll donate £1,000 of the winnings to charity
b) We'll put the other £4,000 towards the huge party as well, and we are the electronic music society and are CLEARLY gonna throw a better party than any of the boat clubs or whoever is winning atm
c) The boat clubs are all fucking rich anyway and don't need an extra 10k
d) The tunes are actually good as opposed to everyone elses playlists which are massive piles of wank

TL;DR:Check this out if you're looking for some new tunes you might not have heard, and follow it if you think charity is a good thing and/or don't love rich people and boat clubs

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