uk bank charges... how to get em back

hello yall.....
by day my crappy job is working for a bank....
it's dull and shit... however this is not why i am writing this... recently a high street bank in the uk (if you wanna know who message me and i'll tell ya... don't wanna get done for slander or owt) got taken to court for the bank charges they levied on one of their customers.. (the customer was avery savvy law student)... the bank in question however in their wisdom couldn't be fucked to turn up for the court date and so they lost.
which means that now people can claim back some or all orf the bank charges the have paid in the last 6 years.....
this is true and not a wind up... i'm the person who has to deal with it at my bank...
all you need to do is visit this link and it will tell you what to do...
and good luck... if you want any more info let me know....
and don't let the fuckers steal anymore of your money
(i love my job can't you tell!):rambo:
and yes i know that my spelling/typing skills are somewhat laking


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wow. i think my old bank probably stitched me a fair few times, but that account's closed now, and to be honest, for me it's probably not worth the hassle. i'm just glad i don't have anything to do with the fuckers anymore. my new bank has been spot on. so far...