Uhm... Something to cheer you up ;)


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Hey ! :)

So I dunno if this link isn't already in the sig but the mix is still kinda fresh ( recorded about 22 days ago ). I'm not doing it for promotional purposes since we've been doing those mixes for a while now out of pure enjoyment :)

Gotta do the tracklist as well since Traktor didn't save it at that time ( new laptop and all.. ) but it's got some sick new tracks I hope you guys will digg. The mix is a little loud ( the limiter was set to a higher threshold ) but overall I think its good enough to listen to. Enabled the download as well for those who wanna take it for a spin around town ;p

Here's the link :

And uhm.. I guess enjoy and jump around wherever you guys are :rave:

Share your thoughts / ideas / emotions ? ;)