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Nov 29, 2001

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Urgh...I'd be quite intested to hear what the D&B CD sounds like, looks like a right mish-mash of stuff!
I just came here to post that MoS had jumped on the bandwagon again

i got beaten to it heh
and how can addicted to bass be classed as D&B, HELLO?!

cash in fuckin wankers
Thing is, you've got classics on there and some decent new stuff surrounded by chart poppy bollocks.
I can imagine my little sister buying this.
how can you put pulp fiction - alex reece on the same comp. as genius crew- boomselection?

Something for everyone I suppose!


It's like putting aphex twin and DJ bobo on the same album

nuff said
That CAN NOT be mixed...I'll have to have a listen in Virgin tomorrow.

Oh...IDEA!: S Club 7 - Don't Stop Moving (Dillinja remix) :)
Pink - Get The Party Started (Ganja Kru Mix)
Blue - All Rise (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)

Yea i saw this in the shop the other day and could not believe my eyes!! MOS are covering all basses (hahaha) at the moment, they got another mix cd out apparently of eastern flavour.... best thing about it is the red furry cover! :p
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