Uh fruity loops and my attempt


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Aug 13, 2008
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This is my first real attempt at making drum and bass on fruity loops and i seem to find something cool that i have no idea what it does everyday. Anyway anyone who listens i accept all feedback as long as you realise i am crap and only want to know how to improve, especailly with the shocking bass.

the track is called test and its the first one. if you listen to the other tracks my apoligies for wasting your time but i really would like something back for the test track. many thanks peace and love

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Mr. Blonde
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Feb 27, 2007
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not a bad first effort-kind of sounds like mi first tune
try to werk on cleaning up your drum sound-nothing better than a well produced,clean and loud drum line
id say start with the basics-eq ing drums -write basslines and get em nasty sounding
then clean em up and still keep the integrity of it -if that makes sense
werk on fx sounds that fit your overall feeling of the tune-add melody and revise over and over -thats wot i do anyways
keep up the effort mang


Sep 4, 2008
vega's got good advice, just gotta say im feelin that lebowski, i know it aint dnb but there some funny samples "they pee'd on your fuckin rug" id like to hear a dnb ver. all the best mate.
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