[UED001] Unknown Error - The Knight Time EP

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    [UED001] Unknown Error - The Knight Time EP


    After nearly a decade of involvement in the drum and bass circuit worldwide and numerous releases
    on some of the industries most respected labels, Unknown Error Digital was born.
    Expect massive releases from Unknown Error himself, BARE, Sleeper Cell as well as other seasoned and up & coming producers.
    Although drum and bass will be at the foundation of UED it will feature various broken beat genres.
    Unknown Error Digital’s first release “The Knight Time EP” UED001 will be released on August 5th 2010.
    This release features 3 Slamming originals fron UE himself and a devastating dubstep remix from LA based up and comer BARE.

    Please take a listen to the release @ www.pruvenmediagroup.com

    A. Knight Time

    Getting right to it the first track from the EP delivers the unmistakable sound of Unknown Error with an emphasis on the trademark
    pounding precise kicks and snare work that U.E is known for along with eerie pads that hover in the background.

    B. Dark Wars

    Emerging from a storyline of space warfare this track hits hard as a dark, tech roller with sharp stabs and a thick & twisted bassline
    topped with a very distinct and intense vocal that will hook you in and hold you throughout.

    C. The Curse

    The 3rd track shines black as a dark roller with a menacingly-distressed vocal accompanied with hard stabs over a grimey and twisted bassline.
    This one will chill the core of the listener by the end of the track. A true dance floor killer, enough said.

    D. The Curse (BARE Dubstep remix)

    The Curse gets the dubstep treatment by producer and up & comer from Los Angeles “BARE”.
    A devastating remix combining thunderous basslines with the hectic vox and pads layered in The Curse quickly becomes a twisted
    and dark dive into a world of dub from the start and lingers with you.

    This Release is available NOW @ the following online shops.


    You can also grab it on Amazon, Itunes, DJDownload and tons of other shops.

    Unknown Error Digital & Pruven Media Group LLC