Techno Ubblahkan - The Beat Unique (Sick Elektrik Remix)

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    Whartone Records
    Release Date: 17/09/2012

    Sick Elektrik are back on remix duties for the mighty and prolific Whartone Records as we head into the last quarter of 2012. This time it's Dale Hooks & Frederick Fringe Present: Ubblahkan - 'The Beat Unique' that call on Sick Elektrik to delve into their unmistakable box of tricks to add that special little something extra to what is a sure fire hit.

    Bring in a huge rolling bass line that'll send quivers through your bones, trippy vocals that'll linger in your mind, driving percussion that will force you to move and acidic synths with Sick Elektrik's trademark massive breakdown! Take a deep breath and enjoy these big room sounds that will deliver the goods for the back end of the summer.
    Forthcoming 17th September on Whartone Records.


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