U.S. Online Record Shop for D&B :::: www.mierecords.com


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Hi – I just wanted to let you know about an online record shop based in the US specializing in D&B (but we do also carry House, Hip-Hop, Breaks, and more)


We offer a full selection of new release and promos every week. We also carry back stock titles and are able to special order a lot of classics.

We also try to keep our prices as low as possible on vinyl. And compared to some other sites in the States we are much cheaper.

We also have a weekly Pre-Order list!
Every Saturday morning we send out a list of Drum n Bass/Dubstep releases coming out for the week. This includes new releases, white labels, and promos. A lot of these titles are limited. But if you pre-order with us you won't miss out! We send you the list, you send it back, we ship out your order Tuesday/Wednesday morning. Simple! Just send us an email at sales@mierecords.com with your email address to be put on the list or if you have any questions.



Please let me know if you have any questions.