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[Protogen Recs/Trick Disc Recs/Afterlife Recs]

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Typecell bio:

Guido Hoppe bought his first set of turntables and a mixer when 14years young. Practising on the equipment at an early age. In those days he mixed an diverse selection of music, from hip-hop to acid house. Soon techno became the preffered selections, until one day in 1992 when he was listening to his first breakbeat mix tape from the UK. He was so impressed that he started playing both kinds of music. DJ P.M.C was born. Only a few played drum n bass in Germany and only a small crowd were fascinated by it. Soon he realized that breakbeat/techno aren't well suited for each other and that the German crowd were not ready for it. In 94/95 he decided to focus on techno and house only. The name DJ P.M.C became well known abroad and a international tour began. In 1996 he founded the label Genetic Rhythm, success came with the publication of of the 3rd Genetic Rhythm Rec's release - DJ P.M.C - Planet Attack EP, incl. Subplate, Distortion 2 Static. In 1998 labels such as Bonzai Recs, Red Alert Recs & Thunderdome had licenced it. Numerous remixes and cooperation under different aliases on different labels followed. These projects needed much time and that's whyh the number of realeses on GRR decreased. 1997 the passion from drum n bass came again and he started a second psydonym .... "Typecell" for his experimental drum n bass & techstep output because DJ P.M.C was known for techno. From day dot the name Typecell built his reputation in the underground scne through a series of mixtapes and through innovative releases on dubplate, maxi, cdr & mp3. Over the internet Typecell has reached an international fanbase, aiding in his forefront, technological drum n bass sound. In 2001 he created the community based forum project on www.futurednb.com and later became a regular on the radio broadcasts of www.fusion-radio.com called "Future DnB" with various dj guests on sunday nights. After half a year the radio project became too much time ... the show closed, and was survived by only the forum.
2002 saw Typecell starting the long awaited drum n bas label "Protogen Recordings". A label created for a more forward thing club sound of drum n bass with a great resonance & support from well known drum n bass artists around the world. Towards the end of 2002, Typecell started a new project with the main focus of of high quality dj mix sets for free, courtesy of www.drumnbassmix.com.

Watch out for remixed Typecell tunes from the likes of:
Black Sun Empire

also Typecell Remix's of tunes from
Cyb Orc
N.Phect & Dizplay
and many more

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