Tykal - Jazzgle (oldskool jazz influenced jungle series)


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Jazzgle. Jazz influenced jungle, jungle that would be jazz, snazzy bundles of joy stuffing your stockings and the bellies of your better halves, no, make that the sides of your head, stop, back to reality, a series of mixes focused on oldskool jungle and those trumpeteers, saxmen, and monarchs of ragtime whose riffs were long ago lifted by shifty-trowsered raggamuffins, snatched one smoke filled night from who know's what dark gleaming hole of vinyl. Babies, candy, where we came from no less a mystery now than when we first oozed, though we've thrown any number of thoughts at it with the unsteady rhythms of our intelligence, and it, The Great Nonresponder, has swallowed them all without so much as a burp. Plop the needle, push start, and here we are, knowledge makers who don't know much, unsettled by what little we seem to, never free of our impending disappearance into that mystery, and yet, at least in some small sense, we remain secure in the revelations our senses bequeath us: what ears we have to hear with, and in this little corner of the world, some oldskool jungle holiday music to ease that whiskey ache.

In plain English, a mostly 95-96, amen-filled tour of the rougher side of jungle jazzdom.



01 (00:00) Plutonik - Sitting On Top of the World - Integrity
02 (03:46) Rachid Taha - Jungle Fiction - Barclay
03 (07:00) Rise of the Triads - Rapina - Irma
04 (09:37) Steve C & Tracker D - Tranquility - Hyper
05 (12:27) Fallen Angels - Taken Over - Creative Wax
06 (15:55) Megashira - Mental Strength - INFRACom!
07 (19:41) The Brotherhood - One Touch - Quayside
08 (22:52) NCA Experience - Spread Luv (Intelligent Dub Mix) - Urban Gorilla
09 (24:28) Jazz Vibes - Sax (Hipcat Mix) - Strictly Underground
10 (27:52) Romin - Maskargo - Higher Ground
11 (31:23) Kenny Ken & Cool Breeze - Cool Groove - Beechwood
12 (33:10) James Hardway - Velocity Curves - Recordings of Substance
13 (36:04) Phyzix - The Jazz Step - Subject 13
14 (40:33) Click 'n' Cycle - 3 Minute Traffic Jam - Acid Jazz
15 (41:54) Special K - Power of Love - Madman
16 (44:41) Mind 21 - Mindz (Amen Mix) - Urban Gorilla
17 (48:20) D'Cruze - Sax 'N' Ting (Mix 1) - Ruf Intelligence
18 (51:47) Orca - Sample and Hold - Lucky Spin
19 (56:05) Smokers II - 2 Free with a Gun (Krome & Time Mix) - Smokers Inc
20 (59:08) New London Jazz Connection - Mind Elevation - White House
21 (1:06:06) Teknicolour - Take 5 in the Jungle (Extended Mix) - Arista



Over the past couple of years I've developed an appreciation for and become an avid listener of jazz music, largely thanks to the programming on WKCR(.org/89.9FM in NYC), a radio station which, in the late 90s to early 00s, also ran a jungle show that I had the good fortune to be a part of. The infection took such a hold over me that, for a period of about six months, I listened to nothing else, delved a bit into theory, went to several shows, and what's worse, enjoyed them - a fact that an antisocialite such as myself can be loathe to admit.

Anyhow, after the initial love affair quieted down into a fond affection, I returned to my musical mistress, jungle, but with a new ear for elements that I had previously overlooked, or that, if I had noticed, I may have found slightly annoying. Then, about four to five months ago, I came across a tune called Byrd On A Trane by Unguided Lights, and was so impressed by the novel and innovative way in which they'd combined the two genres, that I decided to try to gather enough tunes to showcase the style in a mix.

This also seemed the perfect opportunity to enact another of my desires: to make a mix of all non-amen tunes - an especially challenging task for an amen addict and someone who usually scoffs and turns up his nose at anyone who plays more than two non-amen tunes in a row. To my surprise however, I found some really funky shit that manages to focus more heavily on the melody than the drumwork and yet to keep the breaks varied enough to hold my interest - and if there's one thing I don't like in my jungle, it's simple, overly repetitive beats.

The result is the mix below, the first in a series of three jazzgle mixes, two of which will be centered around non-amen tunes, and one of which will feature my usual round of tearout bizness, though a little more saxy than usual. To differentiate between the two non-amen mixes I've decided to dedicate one to tunes that sample trumpets, coronets and pianos, and one to that pariah of jazz instruments, the sexyphone, though each will allow one or two of its counterpart's danglies to infiltrate its underwear.

The series is dedicated to the place that I've called home for the last 10 years, the sixth borough, or the borough within a borough, one of the birthplaces of jazz, junk, muggings, police brutality, gentrification, and one of the nation's finest strains of haze: Harlem, New York City.

Special thanks to N-Flow for the Whitelines tune and for reminding me that the beats don't have to bash your head in for the jungle to make you jump like a monkey.



01 (00:00) D'Cruze - Freedom - Suburban Base
02 (02:31) Yellow Note - How It Goes - Jungle Sky
03 (06:21) New London Jazz Connection - Mind Elevation - White House
04 (11:15) Morf - Alternative Universe - S.O.U.R.
05 (14:39) Wizard & Spike - Morning Glory - Fairway
06 (17:17) BBB & Dextrous - Dexterity - Renk
07 (21:12) The Shooter - 9MM - Jungle Sky
08 (24:35) Click 'n Cycle - 125th Street - Emotif
09 (26:23) Mental & Dangerous - Send Me - BOSS
10 (29:55) The Bombsquad - Whitelines - Balance
11 (32:34) Doc Format vs. The Kaleidoscope - Friday - Ignition
12 (36:41) Yellow Note - Whatever - Jungle Sky
13 (39:48) Plutonik - Bluesman - Integrity
14 (43:11) Unguided Lights - Byrd On A Trane - Acid Jazz
15 (47:00) Yellow Note - Thumbalina - Jungle Sky



Part two of the Jazzgle series bears a title I've been carrying around in my gut for a good two years now, a reference to the style of a drum'n'bass goliath: godfather smooth, don dappa deep, big daddy Bukem. It starts where his feet end and goes that much further underground, though maintaining the same longitude within the globe of jungle. As mentioned in the preface to the first part, the second features the sexyphone, albeit not as much as I had anticipated, and also ratchets up the use of the human voice - an element I tend to like understated in my tunes but which I think works well here.

When I was first planning out the series, I placed all the selections for it into two seperate piles: one for amen tunes and one for non-amen tunes. The second pile was twice as large as the first. Upon listening back just now, I realize I subconsciously segregated the tunes in the non-amen pile into two categories as well: the horny, funkadelic vibe of the first mix, and a softer, more sublty stated oomph this time around. If these were the two halves of a mixtape, I'd say the first was the more fixed presentation of structural compositions, and the second was the meandering might-go-anywhere of improv. The result is a light, airy, eerie, ethereal mist, a state just this side of disaster as though the notes were about to fly apart but some sonic half-something were still holding them together.

Apart from a funkgle mix focusing on pre-drumfunk drumfunk, it's unlikely that I'll be doing much more non-amen work in the future, but I feel this project was a nice little diversion for myself, that it has helped me develop a greater appreciation for this type of tune than I had beforehand, and I hope the same may hold true for a few fellow addicts out there. Whether it does or whether it's made you wonder what the hell swallowed Tykal's balls, stay tuned for part three, I promise it'll pound some life back into that brotherly break in a way it's never been broken before. And when I come for blood, I don't come for some piddly ass clot, I come for a full on heart attack with a side of stroke and grand mal seizure.

In vinyl I pray, Amen.



01 (00:00) Boqus - Noktorno - Ignition
02 (02:47) Ruf Intelligence - Sax 'N' Ting - Ruf Intelligence
03 (04:58) Nookie - The Blues - Reinforced
04 (08:50) D'Cruze - All Night Long - Suburban Base
05 (12:33) Slok - Brasilian Jazz - Cuadra
06 (15:06) B.L.I.M. - Virtual Prayer - Emotif
07 (19:58) Research Team ft. Fluffy - Jazz But Not Least - Sony Music
08 (23:03) Medusa - Untitled A - Indochina
09 (25:45) Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz (Jazz Free Sucrose Jungle Du - Warner Bros
10 (29:01) T-Power vs. MK Ultra - Mutant Jazz - SOUR
11 (34:02) Graham Haynes - Global Transition (Marque Gilmore's Jungle Remix) - Polydor
12 (36:59) Nuyorican Soul - It's Alright, I Feel It (Roni Size Remix) - Talkin' Loud
13 (40:26) Jaz Klash - Thru The Haze - Cup of Tea
14 (43:46) Hydraflow - Dreams Deferred - Ignition
15 (46:34) Westside Chemical - Phibsborough - Domestic