Two Tunes


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12 years? that's a whole while!
First thing I noticed, why fade in the drums in the intro? Sounded a bit awkward.
Tune itself is topnotch.
The vocals are awesome and the bass rolls nicely
Just the mixdown is a bit wonky. The kick gets lost in there. The high end could get a boost and the bass is a bit too loud. Vocal can be louder and that delayed/reverbed stabby thing a bit too loud.
After a while the drums get a bit to samey too though.. Change em up once in a while

Oh I just noticed the second tune. I though it was in you signature.
I still feel the mixdown is a bit weird on that, the bass is alright, the drums don't cut thought enough, and I feel the background noises are too loud as well..


Cheers pal, Had a long break, Just starting to relick the last tunes I was on, And starting new ones at the mo. Thanks for the feedback mate. :]