Two Swords Mix CD Tracklist & Artwork inside.....


Title: Two Swords Label: Defcom Records / Osiris Music uk

Format: Single CD Mixed by Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch

Catalogue number: DCOM04CD

Artist: Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Sabre, Skitty, Dekota, Icicle & Switch, B Key, Kinetic, Sunchase, Derrick & Tonika.

The irrepressible UK duo that have redefined modern, intelligent drum & bass are back – with a brand new, unique mix CD album that is set to cast a very long shadow over every other rival release waiting nervously on the shelves…

This is 'Two Swords': a simply unanswerable blend of the very latest material from Defcom Records and Osiris Music UK, including a priceless volley of never-to-be-released exclusives, the pick of both labels' releases from '07/'08 – both those currently circulating and those waiting agonizingly to drop – and featuring the brightest jewels from 2007's album of the year 'Lost All Faith'.

Blending might with majesty, menace with grace – just like the traditional Japanese 'Katana' blades that adorn its stunning lo-fi cover – this is drum & bass reared up to its fullest height: a brooding cinematic stew of rolling, neurofunked techstep, haunting orchestral verve and deep, glitching, dubstepped echoes, expertly mixed by two of dance music's most respected artists.

In 75 breathtaking minutes and 23 effortlessly trailblazing tracks, 'Two Swords' displays not only the depth and accomplishment of Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch's own finest compositions, but also introduces a new generation of handpicked producers from around the world under the Defcom/Osiris banner.

Release Date: April 14 2008 /