Drum & Bass Two new songs, "all what we need" and "blue bubbles" [Feedback apreciated]

All We Need is very cool. I like the vocals a lot and the bass is nice and not over powering. Overall the song has a nice atmospheric feel.

I think blue bubbles could be more "interesting" in its structure but hey Im just a noob so what do I know :p

Very cool songs though you are talented.
Blue Bubble:
I liked the intro. It sounded nice an fluffy, then the bass kicked in... which sounded completely in the wrong key and threw the structure of the song out, at least to me. The overall vibe of the song was good, but I think more could be done with it. More variety. It doesn't have to be a lot of variety, just some subtle things here and there.

All We Need:
Loved the vocals. It's really the highlight of the song. The gating effect was cool, although a little overused for my taste. You have the right idea for the drum structure. You might want to use some parallel compression in your drum mix to get the mids sounding fuller and more in your face. I think you're on the right track though. :) Good job.