Twisted Individual - 'Tooled Up' (Formation)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Tooled Up" - Twisted Individual (Formation)

The first of two of the most eagerly awaited albums on SS's massive Formation label finally sees the light of day here, and judging buy the quality on offer here, theyre gonna do very nicely from it!
First up, the haunting 'Thumbscrew'gets things underway, starting out with a chilling Classical piece that wouldnt be out of date in an old horror movie! Soon thundering beats and a looming bassline join in and it all moves nicely to the break. This is where i was dissappointed. From here on the tune stays exactly the same as during the build up of the intro, and to me it just feels like its missing something. This is probably my least favourite track on the album, but to be fair it is growing on me, although I feel its a wierd choice as an album opener.
Next is the heavily rinsed and wonderfully named 'Crap Rinse Out'. If youve been anywhere near an Andy C, Grooverider or Die set in the last 6 months then your bound to know this! Same in structure to 'F-Word' and the 'Benny Blanco' rmx, the tune starts with a clattering percussion that builds up to the drop. Initially, I wasnt too impressed with this tune but after hearing it on a decent system I have changed my mind! Ok its not the most deepest, most soulful tune in the world but it works a treat on the dancefloor!
'Bitch Muzzle' is up next, with Mr Indivudal getting to grips with the off-beat style made famous by Bodyrock. Infectious beats and a nice wobbly b-line keep things lively, with some sweeping strings thrown in for good measure! Sure to be doing damage to a dancefloor near you.
Flip for 'Trenchfoot' which is a more melodic affair. Opening with smooth synths similar to the intro of his 'Breakdown' remix, and sultry vocals this is Twisted getting deep on us. A nice warm bass is the order of the day and nice use of percussion keeps things interesting.
Next up is the wikked 'Gimp Mask' and probably my favourite tune on the album. Another off beat pattern gets things underway here, and one he admits to making by mistake on the recent Dnb Arena interview! Soon enough and that familiar drum-roll is kicking things off and in comes one of the jazziest basslines Ive heard from the Twisted one. Accompanying piano chords keep things on a jazznote while that off beat hammers away behind it. Amazing stuff!
'Colostamy Bag' is next and one of the two tunes I hadnt heard before buying the album. Saying that Im surprised I havent heard this out cos its just as good as any of the other tunes that have been getting exposure. The intro gets started with a techy sounding sample before bongo-y beats and a wikked b-line reminding me of Jonny L's 'Magnetic' crash in, all scattered with an 'Alright' sample used on SS's classic 'MA2'. This tune actually gets quite old-skooly when it gets going,which is a nice way of keeping the album varied.
Keeping things rollin is the futuristic 'Throbbing Gristle'. Tight Zinc-y beats get things started nicely, before a filtered b-line drops complete with 'Transformer' sample - 'One shall stand, one shall fall...'. No doubt you'll have all heard this one before.
Last track on the album is the surprisingly-titled 'Daffodils' alhtough contrary to what I was hoping for, it wasnt a heavy amen tear-out, instead on more of a liquid tip. Starting off with atmospheric strings and piano keys, a mellow hip hop beats comes in soon to be joined by a simple but effective b-line. Soon, the track takes off and just soars. Perfect tune to end the album with IMO.
So thats Twisted Individual's debut album in a nutshell. Most of the tracks you'll already be familiar with, unless youve been locked in a cupboard the last 6 months! If your not a fan of Twisted's stuff, then I doubt this'll convert you, but if you are into his style, then this album is Xmas come early.


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Mar 4, 2002
"Next is the heavily rinsed and wonderfully named 'Crap Rinse Out'. If youve been anywhere near an Andy C, Grooverider or Die set in the last 6 months then your bound to know this!"

Does it have defication sounds in it? If hes going to name it that it has to otherwise its lame. :lol:


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Oct 23, 2002
Absolutely don't feel this album, but I admit I never felt the Twisted Individual sound (never understood what everybody saw in the F-Word).

Much better albums being released for being selected in my album of the year chart. :crazy:
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