Twisted Individual - Gusset Gravey (Dirty Pimp Remix)


gomby plz
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easy fella, working on one of these myself right now... interesting how different everyone's attempts on here are!

your right about the drums, they almost sound like they are 128kbs and the rest of the tune is 320? patterns and the 'feel' of the drums sounds good though, but as you say 'stuff to work on'!

liked what you did with the intro, although the first 16 bars didn't seem quite right the way the pattern was cut or something?

interesting to see where you go with this? perhaps after the first 'phase' you could have longer release so the sound is more 'waaa waaa wa werr werr' rather than 'da da d der der', if ya get me?

well, so good so far... keep in it!

Dj Dirty Pimp

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haha yeh too much distortion on the drums , i recorded it as a 192 which dont help either!

cheers for feedback, the way i cut it it was slightly off beat, ill change it. I actually sidechanied the reverb with the hi hat, so ill try change the release on it.

cheers for feedback, definatly good advice