Twisted Anger - Mothership LP [Dread]


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Nov 29, 2001
Another one delivered this mornin! I am already a huge fan of Mr Danny C and his Portica label, the TA LP is no exception :slayer:

I won't go through each track and say how good or bad it is, I shall just list which choons are the big ones for me.

Dread Come To Conquer (2002 Remix) - Chopped amen, dark Dillinja bass business.
Feel Da Vibe - Dillinja style distorted bass and drums.
Mothership - Chopped amen, bad ass Portica type synth!
Mutate (Remix) - You'll know this when you hear it.
Faithless - Amen, vocal, dread style reece bass business.
Shout - Punchy sub bass, vocals, would go well with a vocal type set.

They are my top choons, however, I really like a few of the others too!

All 5 vinyls are in my box ready for rinsin :slayer: A top LP from TA, gets my afro of approval :afro:

Stream URL:

Once again, selected tracks will be reachin 31seconds in a few days.


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Jan 30, 2002
Got the sampler and it runs it!
Just waiting for payday for the full album and looking forward to it at that!
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