DnB Twin Atlantic - Free... Remix

you could have some low or high pass filter before the drops (maybe even add some soft drums building up?)

The subbass is really beautiful, don't change that in any way except make it louder cuz its FUCKING awesome.
Also bring up the drums, they should be around the same loudness as your vocals.

Ideas, ideas? hell yea I have something!
How about a side-chained pad or synth at the drop? It might be a little mainstream, but in this case I'm sure it would fit perfectly and it usually is really supportive to the vocals too.
It'll give some more dynamic to the song and thrive it all forward ;)

Have fun!
Cheers man.. It's only a couple of hours work so far, so hopefully i can improve the mix down a lot more.. I did think of a sidechained pad, but the one i tried didn't seem to fit, so i took it out, but i was def thinking the right sounding one would fit quite well.. I think the more mainstream, the better overall, as it's for another competition..
Well even with a mainstream stupid side-chain synth you can achieve some pretty cool things imo.
I once changed the notes of the chords constantly, (keeping the main ones), against the rhythm. So the pads still sidechain to give the music some speed, but the chords aren't boring. (the song is in my signature)

Another thing that you could do it not side-chain everything the same. Maybe do 3x 1/4th bar side chain and then 2x 1/8th bar in every 4 bars? This will give a little jump up at the end of every bar..
Well the sky is the limit of course, but my point is, even if your pad is boring or mainstream, notes or unexpected changes in side-chaining are things that could help you get a much cooler sound, without destracting the focus off your vocals.
Some quality tips there. Nice one man.. I'll get on it first thing tomorrow
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