'Tutorial Tuesday Season 3: Neurofunk' has officially started!


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May 3, 2009
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It's been a while since I did the last Tutorial Tuesday series on Glitchhop, but now I'm back with the third installment about Neurofunk/Drum & Bass.
This time I'll be making a track from start to end complete with the mixing and mastering process.
I decided that I'm now also sharing the project files for Ableton through the website Splice, so that'll give you an even better look inside the project for this track.

I just published the first production video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrLHPfKSLUQ
You can get or play the project file here: https://splice.com/artfx/tutorial-tuesday-3-neurofunk

Next Tuesday will be episode 2 of this series and I'll continue with that every Tuesday until this track is finished and ready to be released on Soundcloud.
Have fun watching and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Oh and hi guys, been a while since I've been here! :D

EDIT: I'll be updating this post every week with the newest video.

Episode 1: Making the intro (Part 1)
Episode 2: Making the intro (Part 2)
Episode 3: Making the intro (Part 3)
Episode 4: Making the intro (Part 4)
Episode 5: Let's make a reese!
Episode 6: Reese bass resampling with Sampler
Episode 7: Time to make the buildup
Episode 8: Let's make a big Riser with Xfer Serum
Episode 9: Rock influences and vocals
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Hell yeah, I'll be tuning in for this. I remember watching some of your others ones as well... I recognize your signature "umm" while your talking, lol.

Side note: I notice your on ableton 9, I'm still using 8 myself. I'm I gonna be missing a lot using 8? I'm assuming your gonna be using the glue compressor, not sure what else I'm missing from 8 to 9.
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very nice breh breh, here is one more part coming right? you want me to sticky the thread? might be good for exposure?

and no shenanigans, honest.

Oh yeah that would be great! I just posted episode 2 yesterday.

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The third episode is now online in which I finish working on the intro:

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It was Tuesday again yesterday, so here is the new tutorial on making a somewhat different reese bass.

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that is a nice sounding reece man, and a very detailed tutotial. adding noise was a clever move, i never thought of that, have to try it next time im messing with my reeces. hey did you try to use chorus first on the high end? so you distort the chorus, in the end? i know ive said it before, but i found it works pretty well, most of the time. the emu has a built in chorus so you try it by default as you try to learn the machine, so by applying everything (as you do when working out new gear)is how i came up with the idea.

i know some emus have a built in reverb too, so i think distorting reverb might be fun too. maybe. but im rambling, just thoughts on the issue really.
Neurofunk is full of mysteries for me, I'll be watching theese :) Many thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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