Tutorial-how to put samples in EXS24 across all notes of the keyboard

chris getme

Dub Logic
Jul 25, 2008
Hey yall, made a thread asking people how to do this. Just found out and tought it was worth sharing. This vid explains how to put samples into EXS24 which I didnt know before and no1 else seemed to so watch this first.

If u want the same sample at all pitches across the keyboard, just put 1 sample in EXS24 - edit as shown in the vid (but in this case only 1 sample). For me, when I put just 1 sample in it puts it across the keyboard automatically at all pitches. If it doesnt go to EXS24 - edit and go to key range and set from Cminus2 all the way to G8.

Im sure this will be helpful to some as I have been wanting to know how to do this for a while and no1 else seemed to know when I posted the question so probly worth a sticky. Enjoy!
(the guy in the vid is NOT me!)
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