DnB Tutorial FLP


Mar 19, 2012
hey, guys. i've just made a quick basic Drum and Bass .flp for some FL users.
i've done next to no mastering on it, so don't expect it to sound wonderful.
but the basics of how to make it, etc. is all there.
i've added some descriptive photos in aswell for beginners who are unsure.
it does have massive 1.3 in there, but if you don't have it, that's okay.
just replace it with another vst and make a synth or something and it'll be fine.

enjoy, guys. (i've included all the samples, etc. in the rar file)


if you don't like it, just say so and give me a suggestion and i'll do something else! thanks.
nice one man! did you upload it to youtubes?

no, sir. i would make a video, and i will be soon enough but i'm having problems with my recording, etc. soooo, in that mediafire link i've included photos that explain it, the FLP and the samples that go with it. :)
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