Turntablist Techniques


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May 21, 2007
I've recently been listening to some of the fabriclive CDs, and been hearing techniques used by the turntablists on these, DJ yoda, scratch perverts etc.

I know there not used much in DNB, but I found myself wanting to learn.

I've taught myself how to phase - get two of the same record, play them in sync, same EQ etc. then slow one down slightly until you hear the whoosing sound then put it slightly faster than the other, then repeat. - Pointless, I know but still makes mixing more interesting.

I'm not gonna learn how to scratch yet coz I got crap needles and don't wana ruin my records. But learning to beat juggle is tempting.

Anyone else got any turntablist techniques?


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Feb 29, 2008
South West
ive learnt howto beat-jiggle quite well now, been thru few styli learning tho. lookat youtube vids, i found its easiest to get hang of switching ahnds with just one deck then once the technique deck,fader,deck,deck,fader etc comes natural where your hands are moving quicker than you can think its time to move onto two decks! only took me few weeks to learn!
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