Drum & Bass Turn it up (original)

Some nice sounds man esp the groovy bass, maybe some vocals could be something else to consider? btw could you have a listen to my most recent track and let me know what you think? I've been producing a while but haven't really understood how to master and mix the track very well using logic pro x despite watching vids on it. Its left the track coming out pretty quiet if I don't want to have it clipping. Let me know if you can anyway?

Not sure if many people are going to like this post about Mixing and mastering.

BUT! the way I've come about mixing and mastering is pretty much get everything you want, group up the different sections you want to have around the same level. (E.g. Drums, Bass, Sfx) Then one at a time solo the group and listen to the track, adjust the levels till you're happy with it, then i usually either go into panning the track. So if i have a drum kit what is where/ (snares, kicks middle / hats left or right / toms etc.) I think from there you can work out what to do with the other groups.

Also! if you want something to really stand out rather than having it super loud have it side chain the main body of the track so it will punch through. (most people know)
or you could just compress the heck out of the track (2 options i have at the moment) (more to come)

I have heaps to learn on this topic too, This is just the general idea that I have. If anyone has more too add please feel free :D.


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This track reminds me of some john b stuff. I think where you need to focus is on your eq. Don't be afraid to cut out unwanted frequencies.