Turbine Music presents Sentic Cycle 'Patched in Visions EP' & A6 Postcard with 50% of proceeds going to YoungMinds Charity


Label & Club Night
Apr 1, 2012
Kingston upon Hull

1. Bangz feat Flipz MC
2. Sentic Cycle & subcurrent - Patched in Visions
3. Shack
4. Off the Wall

Release date: 26.06.20
Label: Turbine Music
Format: wav / mp3 / stream
Cat no: turb017

Purchase the EP from Bandcamp:

"Staying true to our name, here at Turbine Music we like to keep moving and rotating.
Looking out for exciting new artists from around the world and bringing their music to you.
After the successful release of The Works LP in May 2020,
we present to you a new EP from Sentic Cycle.
Vienna based DnB producer Sentic Cycle aka Theodor Sperl takes the music into halftime credibility.
He is known for his modular synth expertise that he acquired as part of the Birdkids team.
Sentic Cycle started out in 2017 and has progressed at a rapid rate. His signature bass-work takes
the frequencies to lower levels juxtaposed effectively with thunder clap kicks.
The young Austrian has masterfully nailed his colours to the Turbine Music mast.
In the blink of an eye Sentic Cycle effortlessly switches BPM’s which he showcases on the title
track 'Patched in Visions' alongside newcomer Sub Current. Theodor twists his trademarks into 140
beats per minute with expertise and gravitas. Trap music is pouring out of his fingers on ‘Bangz’
with lyrical flows from Flipz MC. ‘Off the Wall' spills the disjointed vocals over
halftime kicks and claps, some impressive pad play and a brooding bass.
Whereas 'Shack' is cool and spacious, it’s everything you want from a half time tune"
Sentic Cycle style.
We adore this EP and know that you will too.
Patch into his Visions now - Sentic Cycle.


A6 Postcard here: https://bit.ly/3g1vEZg
Support YoungMinds when you purchase our Limited Edition Patched In Visions Postcard
50% of proceeds made from the sale of all postcards will be donated to YoungMinds.
YoungMinds mission is to lead ‘the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges’

This charity is close to Theodor’s heart who has also has a message on the postcard.
A Postcard cost £5.50 and are printed on sustainably sourced recycled 350 gram card, using eco-friendly ink.
By purchasing a postcard you will be donating £2.75 directly to YoungMinds.
Postcards will be dispatched in envelopes to keep your them all nice and clean!
When purchasing this postcard you will also get the full 'Patched in Visions EP' download with it.
Please visit YoungMinds website.

Registered charity numbers 1016968 & SC039700
Sentic Cycle and all at Turbine Music / Dust Audio are proud to be supporting such a worthwhile charity.



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